San Marino

San Marino Welcome brings together the best accommodation, events and incoming facilities operating in the tourism sector of San Marino, with the aim of creating a real Destination Management Company (DMC).

We take care of both business and private customers in the planning and organization of events, conferences and in the promotion of holiday packages in our area. We pool resources and professionalism in the fields of event planning, transportation, reception, hospitality management, VIP treatment, incentives and private events, always with a touch of tailor-made creativity.

Our mission is to add value to the San Marino territory through the offer of professional services based on our deep knowledge of the country and of its different stakeholders. We aim to generate opportunities for all companies that wish to collaborate with us in enhancing the appreciation of San Marino as an exclusive destination.

We believe that the most successful strategy is to involve all the economic operators and stakeholders who work in the tourism industry, favoring the quality of facilities and professionalism of services.

In the heart
of ‘Bel Paese’.

San Marino – The treasure chest placed between the Romagna Apennines and the Adriatic Sea The Republic has always exerted an incredible charm and a strong attraction among the most sought-after international tourism destinations in Europe, with its 2 million tourists a year. In its strategic position between the Apennine mountains and the Adriatic coast, very close to the airports of Rimini, Forlì, Bologna, the ports of Rimini, Venice, Fano, and Ancona, and the railway junctions of the EmiliaRomagna and Veneto regions to the north and the Marches to the south, the state, with its uninterrupted tradition of independence and sovereignty, offers a rich landscape and environmental profile to be experienced.