San Marino Medieval Tour

Special Medieval Days

Individual package, valid during the days of the event.

Categories: Cultures, History
Target: suitable for everyone, families including children Interests: scenic beauty and culture

A splendid walk with a tourist guide in medieval dress through the characteristic small streets of the historic center of San Marino, making you discover hidden glimpses, accompanied by stories and anecdotes, surrounded by breathtaking views.
The tourist itinerary crosses the most important places in San Marino from a historical, cultural and architectural point of view.
Our authorized tour guide will tell you the anecdotes and events that have seen the oldest Republic in the world remain independent up to the present day, so much so that it has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
An aperitif will follow in the historic center in the splendid setting of the Loggia.

Package Included:
1 night in a 4 STARS hotel + breakfast
1 private guided tour of the historic center 1.5 hours in dress. Departure at 11
1 rental of medieval clothing for 1.5 hours
1 medieval menu dinner

Lunch and drinks during the dinner
Medical insurance: extra on request, €20
Cancellation policy: extra on request, to be quoted separately
Transfer: possibility of organizing customized transfers on request, to be quoted separately

Rate per person
starting from € 420.00

(tourist tax excluded)

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