San Marino Welcome is excited to announce the Tavball European Tour 2024 San Marino, in collaboration with the Tavball Europe association.
The event will take place on July 6th at the stunning location of the Cava dei Balestrieri.

Tavball is an innovative sport game with a ball that can be played anywhere and by anyone, of any age, using an approved table.
This sport captures the attention of enthusiasts from all over the world and continues to involve more and more athletes.

Tavball European Tour 2024 San Marino will host a maximum of 24 international or local couples. Participants will compete for the coveted prize of €1400 in a day dedicated to sport, fair play, and healthy competition.

Cava dei Balestrieri, with its evocative and impactful atmosphere, will be the perfect setting for this exciting event. An historical location that blends with the modernity of Tavball, creating a suggestive context that combines the past and the future in a unique and unforgettable experience.

The event will also include an engaging DJ set that will help create a vibrant and fun atmosphere for participants and spectators.

The Tavball European Tour 2024 will not be the only appointment of this summer to participate in a Tavball tournament. On July 20th, the International Tavball Cup – Italy 2024 will be held at Beky Bay, in Bellaria Igea Marina, another exciting international competition organized by the Tavball Team in collaboration with San Marino Welcome and MSP Italy Emilia Romagna Regional Committee.

To register for the competition and for more information on the tournament rules, visit the website: