Food Valley Tour
& Leisure Experience

History, art, culture, tradition and gastronomy meet the most excellent qualities of the territory of the Republic of San Marino, Emilia-Romagna and Marche.

Renowned wines.

Local wines, unexpected
landscapes and the
most excellent qualities
of the territory.

A workshop to discover and experience the skillful art of wine production. From harvesting to crushing, from bottling to labeling all the magic of an authentic and of high quality experience. For those who want to enjoy exciting moments of well-being in contact with nature, we recommend learning wine production processes and
assessment techniques.

Cooking Class.

Local and regional cuisine in a taste.

A true culinary experience to discover local and
Romagna cuisine, on a special tour where culture is handed down from generation to generation. Local dishes, specialties, homemade pasta, and piadina romagnola are the delicacies you will make, while learning to master some of the secrets that belong to tradition, described by the chefs. It will be delightful to surprise your challengers or your team with your skills in managing time, measuring ingredients or plating a 5 star culinary creation.